SOL CBD Oil Review: Can it be the Soul?

You must have heard of Cannabis Oil, as it has gained a lot of popularity now a days to help people who are suffering from depression as well as anxiety. Another kind of supplement which is now present is the Sol CBD. This is actually a cannabidiol supplement and it is said to treat almost any condition. Let’s delve a bit deep in this product.

What exactly is Sol CBD?

So let us talk about what SOL CBD exactly is. This is a cannabidiol supplement as mentioned and it actually claims that it could treat a plethora of health conditions, which are not just limited to anxiety and depression. These health conditions may range from anywhere between being obese, or probably a schizophrenic disease, or it could just be even related to your general wellbeing. All in all, you get the idea of the types of diseases that it claims to heal.

You should know that what our body does is manages to produce its own cannabinoids which are similar to THCs as well as CBD. Now what happens is that these endogenous cannabinoids are part of a system and they start acting as the master control of the body. Similar to this, CBD also works like this. The endogenous cannabinoid system, also popularly known as the ECS has recently been discovered and is said to be a naturally occurring cannabinoid receptor for your body. The brain which contains endocannabinoids activate these same receptor sites as cannabinoids from cannabis.

If we look behind the logic of why CBD works this well, it is because the endocannabinoid system, which is known to be a central component for the health as well as the healing of a person, and it affects a large portion of our nervous system. The CBD helps get your entire body in balance unlike other competitive supplements which focus on only one particular area.


Talking about the price of this particular supplement, it comes in the more expensive category. A month’s supply of this would mean roughly around 30 capsules, which would cost around $120. If you do want to save some money here, then you could probably order bottles in bulk, say 3 to 4 together, so that the price comes out to be less. But still if we rate it on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is the cheapest, then it would be somewhere around 4 if we compare it to other medicines which work as effectively.

Delving deep into SOL CBD

As mentioned, each bottle contains 30 capsules which do not contain pure CBD. They actually contain BioCBD which is easier to absorb, plus the body can utilize it much better than all the other oil based CBD products. The best part about this particular drug is that you don’t need a prescription to buy Sol CBD in the US as its legal there.

Benefits of SOL CBD Oil

This low cost non-toxic alternative to THC works very well when it comes to treating childhood epilepsy and to prevent Parkinson’s disease. Apart from that it helps as a catalyst in regulating or mood, phycology, pain as well as our appetite. It would fail a drug test so it is perfectly safe and non-addictive to take this.


The dosage of each individual cannot be pre-determined. It depends on a lot of pre requisites such as what is your age, your weight, height, body proportions. Also, if you have been on medication before and how potent is your disease. Once you get to know all these factors, only then can you determine what your dosage should be, and how many times a day should you take this plus for how long.


The doze is pretty good and strong and is said to be one of the strongest for its ability to treat seizures, and especially when it comes to children. The Charlotte’s story is one of the very popular ones when it comes to buy this substance, and it kind of proves why you need to buy this. The potency could be rated as 3 on a scale of 5, as after this story in which it was able to cure a girl who had more than 300 seizures a day, this sold like wildfire. So, it proved to be better than other drugs and did great in the save the children campaign.

Conditions which can be treated through this:

The SOL CBD is said to cure a lot of conditions which range from as small as acne, to as huge as cancer. Some of the diseases that it treats which are worth mentioning are addiction, obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s and OCD. There are so many other too, and usually it is difficult finding a treatment for them. They either don’t have cure or medication for them, but this drug seems to solve a lot of issues present.

A lot of articles also strongly suggest that this Sol CBD plays well in the treatment of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. And not just that, it treats colon cancer well too. Since this medicine is a low cost non-toxic medicine, it works pretty well as an alternative to other drug therapies.

It’s a great idea for every person who would want to use this to get some insight about this by a thorough research. If you are up to date on the research, then you could rightfully make an informed decision rather than just taking it at face value.


This tincture comes in a few flavors which range from mint to cinnamon. So you could now enjoy the delicious flavor as well as the amazing benefits that the extracted cinnamon and mint combined with the full spectrum C02 extracted CBD provides. On a scale of 1 to 5, we could rate this as 5 as this premium tincture brings back your body to health with good flavors.

Side Effects and Adverse reactions

The MCT oil which is usually derived from the coconut oil in the tinctures could make people slightly dizzy, but it goes away as easily too. It is recommended that one should take this tincture on an empty stomach rather than after you eat something. If you feel a heartburn due to the cinnamon tincture, then you could probably add some alkaline foods to your diet which help in cooling it off pretty well.

If this does not work, you could use some natural flavors too. The CBD oil might not affect immediately for some, while for some it might. It depends on a lot of external factors too like your lifestyle, emotional well-being, health or nutritional deficiency. We must learn to remain patient in this regard, and it will work. You may even feel some kind of tiredness after you consume this oil, but remember that is just a reaction that your body is giving so that it gets time to absorb the medicine. Give it some rest and it would do wonders.

How to Buy Sol CBD

The only way to purchase Sol CBD is online from the supplement’s official website at As mentioned, each bottle contains 30 capsules which provides you a month long supply of this supplement. To support your overall health and well-being, you need to take one capsule per day.

What do you get along with this product?

There are some products which come along with this package as bonus products. These offers are usually included in the form of an eBook, so actually you do not receive any physical product. These bonus offers include-

  1. Top 20 Chinese Herbs for Energy, Stamina, and Stress Relief
  2. Healthy Junk Foods & 5 Dangerous Health Foods Report
  3. Immune Building and Flu Busting Report

Product Delivery and Shipping

If your order is above $75 then the shipping is free while a charge of $4.95 is levied in case it is less than that, since the orders are shipped from Michigan. If the product is in stock, then the delivery takes about 3-5 business days, but obviously this depends on your location. On a scale of 1-5, this would be 4 in terms of its delivery.

Who Makes Sol CBD?

Sol CBD had their origin by a couple named Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky. They sell this exquisite product but they don’t really tell the world where the ingredients come from or for that matter where the supplements are manufactured. Even though they are pretty popular and have published loads of books and articles relating to health and supplements online, they don’t disclose much about themselves.


Thus, we have seen that even though Sol CBD is not heard of that much, but it is said to treat almost anything. You do not even need a prescription for this medicine, and not only does it come in different flavors but the price and quantity are also commendable. All in all, this one is a must purchase if you’re suffering from any of the above-mentioned diseases.

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