Hemp Oil vs CBD oil vs Cannabis oil: What’s The Difference?

You’ll see that a virtual rivalry exists between hemp (Cannabis Sativa) and marijuana (Cannabis Indica) within the industry. What’s funny is that they’re two varieties of the same cannabis family.

What Marijuana and Hemp Advocates are Saying

Advocates of marijuana claim that hemp doesn’t yield a high-quality end product. They argue that the lack of other cannabinoids such as THC in hemp-derived CBD makes for an inferior product. It is a belief among many that for CBD to reach its full potential as a therapeutic agent, there must be total synergy in its compounds. This synergy is achieved when THC and a host of other cannabinoids make up the product. Those supporting marijuana-derived CBD oil are usually sold out to the therapeutic benefits brought on as a result of the entourage effect.

On the other hand, hemp-derived CBD advocates swear by its versatility and power. Hemp is known to have many uses beyond its many therapeutic applications. Right from its seed, to the CBD oil extracted from it, hemp has many medical benefits. Apart from this, hemp can be used to make eco-friendly alternatives to make everyday products. It can be used to make clothing, paper, bio-fuel, cement, construction materials, plastic composites, and many other products.

People who swear by CBD oil derived from hemp claim that the therapeutic benefits of a THC-free and CBD-rich product are just as beneficial as the ‘entourage effect’.

Naysayers of both contingencies have their complaints. Marijuana advocates smear hemp to steal their sales, according to hemp supporters. Marijuana advocates may believe that hemp-salespeople are selling something akin to snake oil and profiting off of the sick and gullible. Since both products have different effects on different people, we can’t say if either contingent is wrong or right. They both have some valid points from their perspective.

Cannabis Oil

In the simplest of terms, cannabis oil refers to the oil extracted from cannabis plants. Both hemp and marijuana are a type of cannabis. While each of them has a very different cannabinoid profile, they are near relatives in the botanical sense. The two most talked about cannabinoids THC and CBD, as well as their varying content in these plant varieties are the main difference.

The effects that hemp CBD oil and marijuana CBD oil have on different people have led to varying accounts and much confusion. People often wonder if CBD oil will make them high. They wonder if the side effects will be similar to the sensations felt upon smoking cannabis. However, when you understand the chemical makeup of each variety, things are more straightforward.

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 CBD from Hemp Oil

CBD oil products extracted from industrial hemp plants are entirely legal in the US. This cannabis plant makes for a CBD-rich end product, and most manufacturers use this variety of cannabis. Most of the edible gummies, capsules, dietary supplements, oil concentrates and tincture drops in the market today are derived from industrial hemp.

Owing to the plant’s chemical composition, it contains almost negligible levels of THC. The average THC content of industrial hemp-derived CBD oil is less than 0.3%. The sturdy stems, stalk and seeds of the plant make for a CBD-rich end product. This factor has made it a staple among US manufacturers.

CBD oil products made from industrial hemp have many benefits for muscle relaxation purposes. Such products have consistently been found to be useful in the treatment of epilepsy and seizures. Many people prefer using these variants of cannabis oil for ailments like arthritis, PTSD, anxiety, and many more. This CBD isolate-rich product is less susceptible to making you feel sensations of being high.

While many researchers and scientists laud CBD’s efficacy, the reality is often different. CBD derived from industrial hemp is undoubtedly powerful as a therapeutic agent. However, to experience these benefits, you have to make sure that the extract is in its purest, most potent form. High-quality variants take care to ensure the integrity of the substance when it is manufactured, extracted, concentrated, formulated, packaged, and so on.

There have been unfortunate incidents where customers have reportedly fallen ill as a result of poorly-handled and shoddily manufactured hemp-extracted CBD products. Owing to the presence of impure and inactive chemicals and ingredients in the product, complications have arisen.

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CBD from Marijuana Oil

CBD oil is also extracted from marijuana in some cases. This type of cannabis oil has a far higher THC concentrate that the hemp-derived variety. CBD oil derived from marijuana is still rich in cannabidiol. However, the unique factor is that such products offer a more holistic medical marijuana effect. Given the fact that THC content in such CBD products is high, and you will feel a certain amount of psychoactive sensation.

Depending on which state you’re in, CBD extracted from marijuana oil may or may not be legal. The cannabis plant is legal for medicinal as well as recreation use in nine states in the country. When it comes to medical marijuana use, thirty states have legalised it. In the remaining states, CBD products extracted from THC-rich marijuana plants are still illegal. In spite of this hurdle, some brands offer a range of marijuana-derived cannabis oil. Again, the higher THC component of these products must be considered before using it.

A great place to start is the comprehensive list of your product’s composition. By learning how potent the product’s psychoactive effects are, you can plan. A product that’s likely to make you high, sleepy, drowsy or extremely relaxed might not be easy to incorporate into a physically demanding schedule. You may need to map out dosages based on a variety of factors when it comes to these types of CBD products.

To ensure that you’re getting the most out of your CBD product, look for third-party lab testing results. As an industry standard, such tests help you understand what’s in your product and what you’re paying for. This also helps in finding a sweet spot for your CBD oil dosage.

Final Thoughts

Both types of cannabis oil contain THC and CBD cannabinoids at varying levels. With higher concentrations of CBD in hemp, it has become the preferred option to extract CBD oil. While there are advocates on both sides, don’t get swayed by public opinion. It is always best to do your research and arrive at a solution that works best for your situation.

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