Using CBD Oil for Pain: Everything to Know

We’ve all come across CBD oil’s many applications when it comes to pain management. Even if you haven’t used the product firsthand, you’ve heard how it benefits sufferers of severe and chronic pain. Research in the area has led to us discovering that CBD oil can reduce pain, discomfort and even inflammation. This cannabis derivate has a variety of therapeutic benefits linked to many health conditions.

Unlike its high-inducing counterpart called THC, CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. A cannabinoid refers to the compounds found within the hemp or marijuana plants within the cannabis family.

The Pain and Opioid Epidemic We’re Besieged by Today

Chronic pain has become a significant health sector issue in recent times. Millions of adults in the US alone rely on synthetic painkillers today to combat various painful disorder and diseases.  For many people, going about their daily life is a horrible challenge without these pharmaceutical medications. However, such painkillers are the cause of terrible problems in the country.

So, if painkillers are so useful, why are they abused so widely?

It all began in the late 1990s. Big pharmaceutical companies created a variety of prescription opioid painkillers to combat a rising demand for the same. These companies reassured the medical community that these were safe medications. Reps assured them that patients weren’t likely to get addicted to such medicines and only spoke of the potential benefits. With this reassurance, prescriptions were given freely. Subsequently, widespread misuse and diversion of these substances began. By 2015, opioid overdose rates increased to dangerously high levels. Almost 33,000 Americas were dead as a result of these painkillers that were once marketed as safe.

This opioid epidemic is an American crisis today. Finding an alternative solution to this problem is the need of the hour.

CBD Oil as an Alternative and Natural PainKiller

CBD oil is derived from marijuana or industrial hemp plants. Most manufacturers create products with negligible psychoactive content. This means that the scope of misusing cannabidiol for recreational purposes or for getting high is virtually non-existent.  The best benefit of using CBD for pain relief is that it won’t cause a dependency. Unlike pharmaceutical pain meds, the cannabis derivative won’t cause users to get addicted.

Plant-based alternatives to pharmaceutical medicines are not a new phenomenon. For most of our history, natural remedies have been used to aid with a variety of ailments. There are some known natural alternatives to pharmaceutical medications even today. Remember, we don’t recommend changing your treatment without medical help. However, there is some merit to incorporating plant-based, ancient, nutrient-rich elements into your pain management regimen. Turmeric and even frankincense have been used in many cultures as natural painkillers.

How CBD Reduces Pain

Until recently, medical science didn’t understand the endocannabinoid system. Understanding how CBD and THC influence brain receptors wasn’t really easy. However, with advanced research conducted into learning about CBD’s benefits, we now know how CBD oil works on reducing pain.

Numerous studies state that high-quality, potent, pure, and cleanly extracted CBD oil support pain management and relief. The human endocannabinoid system is instrumental in some critical functions. These functions include regulating our moods, sleep, appetite, and mood among others. Although the body naturally produces cannabinoids, CBD supplements the availability of these compounds in the body. Regular consumption of CBD effectively enhances the body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

By attaching to CB2 receptors in the body, CBD oil helps reduce instances and intensity of pain. The combinations of chemical effects that occur offer many benefits to people suffering from pain.

Arthritis Pain Relief

This study used CBD oil to treat rats with arthritis. As part of the research, CBD gel was applied to the rats four days in a row. The quantities increased with each passing day (0.6mg, 3.1mg, 6.2mg, and Researchers noted that at the end of the experiment, inflammation among the rats with arthritis reduced. Overall pain levels in the rats’ joints also decreased. What’s more is that no adverse side effects were observed.

This study proves CBD oil’s efficacy in treating arthritis pain. Many sufferers of this disease and the accompanying chronic pain have found relief with cannabidiol. Its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects hold promise for people battling every day with arthritis. By easing pain symptoms and improving mobility, it improves quality of life.

Multiple Sclerosis

Muscle spasms are probably the most defining characteristic of Multiple sclerosis (MS). This autoimmune disease affects the entire body via damage to the nerves and brain. Owing to the constant muscle spasms that accompany MS, sufferers report constant pain.

This report found that CBD oil usage could reduce spasticity levels among MS patients. While the results are not exorbitantly promising, many survey respondents reported a reduction in the intensity of symptoms. With its analgesic properties as well its ability to promote a better quality of life for chronic pain sufferers, CBD oil can be used effectively.


Fibromyalgia is a painful disease that notoriously affects a patient’s overall quality of life. The disease is characterised by intense pain in the bones, and muscles. It is accompanied by intense sensations of fatigue and painful headaches.

Given its many therapeutic properties, CBD oil has many benefits to offer in cases of fibromyalgia. The product is reported to reduce muscles stiffness and even the stiffness in bones and joints. Accompanying headaches are alleviated with cannabidiol, and it also boosts relaxation. With regular use, patients are known to get improved sleep and mobility, furthering the healing effect experienced.

Menstrual Pain

The cramps that accompany periods are painful in many women. Such cramps are usually accompanied by body aches, shifts in appetite, mood swings, and even bloating. However, when CBD oil is used in such cases, it could bring significant relief for menstrual cramps.

Cannabidiol possesses muscle relaxant properties which can soothe cramps. Even backaches and painful breast tissue swelling can be effectively tamed. Those who usually have mood swings and PMS-induced behavioral shifts are sure to benefit.

Chronic pain

Probably one of the most talk-about features of CBD oil, the compound has proven to be an effective treatment for chronic pain. The inherently safe, non-intoxication nature of the substance makes it perfect for both adults and children.

A study by the Journal of Experimental Medicine suggests that the use of CBD oil can reduce pain and inflammation. Moreover, subjects were not likely to build up a dependence on the compound, even if they consumed it regularly.

The researchers also found that subjects didn’t build up a tolerance to the CBD oil dosage, so they would not need to increase their dose continually. It was found that CBD use can help people with chronic pain experience anywhere between 10-20% reductions in pain. It also noted that the product was the most effective in cases where chronic pain was as a result of inflammation.

Neuropathic Pain

Cannabidiol works in the body by predominantly acting on the brain’s receptor cells. CBD oil targets nervous system neurons responsible for the transmission of pain signals. These neurons in the brain as well as spinal column control how intensely we experience pain.

By acting on these special parts of our body’s ECS system, CBD oil helps with neuropathic pain reduction. It is noted that neuropathic pain occurs as a result of the shutting down of some critical brain receptors. By reinvigorating and recharging the function of these receptors, CBD produces a calming effect on the entire body. Its many anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties directly help in managing the pain.

The Benefits of Using CBD to Manage Chronic Pain

With more and more official institutions like the FDA considering its medical potential, CBD is becoming accepted by people. Instead of a substance that was smoked or vaped with a view of getting high, it now has many therapeutic applications. We’ve already spoken about the many benefits of CBD oil for pain. Before we dive into answering CBD oil dosage for pain or any other questions, let’s see what benefits it offers for pain.

It Relaxes Your Muscles

Mainly, CBD oil is helpful for MS sufferers owing to its muscle relaxant properties. Movement and mobility are lost when muscles are affected. However, the use of CBD oil helps restore activity flow to a much more manageable level. People who have chronic pain problem usually have to reduce complex movements. Activities such as yoga, stretching, dance or even jogging become distant memories. However, with CBD, muscles are relaxed and doing activities that might case exertion can be taken on once again.

It Decreases Your Pain Hypersensitivity

Chronic pain usually results from imbalances in the central nervous system or inflammation. Over time and due to ECS deficiencies, many people have known to develop lower thresholds for pain. This deficient ability affects the pain management capacity of the endocannabinoid system, causing pain hypersensitivity.

With CBD oil use, the endocannabinoid system is repaired, and in a manner of speaking, it becomes stronger. Your body’s ability to withstand pain become sharper. Problems like disturbed sleep and mood changes which usually accompany hypersensitivity are also actively tacked with cannabidiol oil.

Promotes Sleep And Natural Healing

Sleep is vital for the body’s many systems to function optimally. Adequate rest is necessary for the body to recover, recuperate and naturally heal itself — many people who are suffering from chronic pain notice that they have issues with sleeping well. This lack of adequate sleep messed the body’s natural healing ability. In short, pain gets worse.

With CBD oil your nerves are effectively calmed down. It quells the fight-or-flight impulse of the nervous system, promoting relaxation that helps in falling asleep. This boosts your sleep and promotes healing more holistically. The product’s neuroprotective properties work in synergy with its anti-inflammatory properties to help you sleep better.

It Uplifts Moods and Fights Depression

Depression is found to be rampant among chronic pain sufferers. The decreased quality of life caused by painful conditions have a negative impact on a patients mental health. This creates feelings of isolation, frustration, anxiety, and even depression in some. By boosting production of the ‘happy chemical’ called serotonin, CBD oil effectively improves moods and helps with mild depression relief.

Reduces Fear of Touch

When you suffer from painful chronic discomfort every day, your entire body becomes sensitive. In chronic pain patients, some types of body contact cause intense pain. Undoubtedly, this creates an aversion to touching and a fear of physical contact. If left unchecked, this can become a big problem, affecting other parts of your life. CBD works perfectly for pain by releasing chemical compounds and binding with CB2 receptors. In short, this effect causes patients to be less sensitive and more receptive to being touched.

How To Use CBD Oil for Pain

Now that you know the many benefits CBD oil offers to pain sufferers let’s understand how much CBD oil to take for pain.

There is no universal approach to CBD oil dosage for pain. Every unique body will have a different a different reaction and response to cannabidiol. Even factors like genetics, age, medical history, body weight, product potency, and diet play a huge role in determining the right amount of CBD for your condition. Moreover, no official CBD oil dosage suggestions will give you the perfect cannabidiol dosage information.

Rough estimates suggest initially starting a dose between 1 to 5mgs of cannabidiol per 10 pounds of total body weight. Factoring in the ailment’s severity and intensity of pain, you can adjust the dose. It is wise to start small and based on the relief you find, increasing the dose. However, you shouldn’t just increase your dose instantly. Allow the body to get accustomed to dosage for at least a few days before making a change.

Chugging down more CBD will not bring greater relief. It may end up making you drowsy or nauseous, countering the desired effects. Use the product responsibly to feel more energized through the day. CBD aims to improve the overall quality of life. By being a responsible user, you’re assuring the product benefits you in the way that it was intended.

When it comes to the best CBD oils for pain, the audiences have varying opinions. However, a good CBD oil product should come from a reputed manufacturer and should list components and quantities on the package. Go for products that use the CO2 extraction method and that show results of third-party tests on their CBD products. For ease of dosage, CBD gummies or edibles are great since you don’t have to calculate how much CBD you get per serving.

Other products like sprays, topical creams, lotions, tinctures, vape liquids, etc. exist in the market. Don’t hesitate to experiment and find a CBD product that combats your pain problems most ideally.

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