Where To buy CBD Oil Near Me ? Quality Explained

Cannabis can be used for medicinal purposes nearly in all states of USA. To be fair, it is becoming more accepted all over the world. As the medicinal Properties of compounds derived from cannabis are gaining popularity so are disorders like anxiety, stress, depression and chronic pains. Every other person appears to struggle with some chronic conditions that reduce the efficiency of person and adversely affects everyday life. Conventional medicine does not seem to provide a solution for all the problems that we face today. Researches have proved that CBD oil is one of those natural remedies that may help many in their quest for a better and pain-free life.

CBD oil is an extract from the cannabis plant which unlike its cousin THC is non-psychoactive. CBD oil instead helps relieve a lot of medical conditions, without giving any a high. It also is non-addictive. With the far-reaching effects of CBD oil, many are turning to it to get relief from chronic conditions like arthritic pains, stress, anxiety, insomnia, etc. The plethora of options available are bound to confuse not only first-time buyers but seasoned buyers also. The price range of CBD oil, as well as quality, varies from A to Z making it all the more challenging to zero in onto a specific brand and store. To cash in on the growing popularity of CBD oil, numerous untrustworthy vendors have also boomed.

Many local vendors especially are providing poor quality CBD oil extracted from artificial cannabinoids or obtained using poor extraction methods which yield low quality and sometime even harmful CBD oil.

Even though odds appear to be against the consumers yet if they follow certain basics, decision making will become easy, and one will be able to get a quality product and enormous benefits from this remarkable supplement.

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3 Best Online Retailers for CBD

1. Nuleaf CBD

Nuleaf Naturals CBD oil is one of those brands that are consistent in providing the consumers with quality CBD oil. Their product is backed by third-party laboratory tests. It is tested for odd 300 regular contaminants. A report can be made available when requested. Nuleaf manufacturers source their plant from Colorado which is irrigated by the spring from Rocky Mountains. Their crops are organic and are grown through sustainable farming practices. Their CBD product includes whole hemp plant oil and an entire spectrum of cannabinoids. They are neither extracts nor isolates. Consumers can rest assured that they are getting an accurate and precise dosage of CBD oil per ml. Their method of production involved both subcritical and supercritical CO2 extraction system. Their method is environment and human-friendly at the same time, not an easy feat to achieve. It has 0.3 % of THC in it. The consumer backing that Nuleaf CBD oil has received since its inception just a couple of years ago says a lot about its quality. They ship to all fifty states of the United States but it might also be available in stores near you. They have a store locator on their site where one can check is Nuleaf CBD oil is available locally close to them.

 2. Green Roads CBD

Green Roads CBD is manufactured by one of the oldest CBD oil manufacturers and one of the largest too. While all the brands that we have discussed here are tested at a third-party laboratory, they have gone a step ahead and posted their lab results online. Their product is truly unique as it not only has whole spectrum cannabinoids including terpenes, it also has crystalline isolate CBD. The product is power packed. As discussed above it has only trace amounts of THC. It  is sourced from organic USA grown Hemp and contains whole plant oil. It also has vegetable glycerin thus can be consumed sublingually and can be vaporized also. Green Roads CBD is a versatile product. They are not available in local stores but they ship to all fifty states of the USA. Their shipping in very prompt and the product packaging is apt to keep it safe in transit. They also come in form of gummies, and CBD pain cream.  It is a brand that has been in the market for long and has enjoyed tremendous support of consumers. It is because of their commitment to quality.

3. CBD Pure 

CBD Pure CBD oil is one of those CBD oils where the plant does not come from the USA. The crop is sourced from farms in Denmark that are known for their sustainable farming practice. The CBD oil contains a whole plant oil leaving nothing behind. They include a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes with mere traces of THC. They use the CO2 system to pull the oil, from the organic Hemp plant but is filtered exceptionally well as it does not have hints of greens present. They come in three variations of dosage. The product is also lab tested. The CBD Pure is backed by 90 days unconditional guarantee. It does not ship to Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, and Lousiana.


Points to keep in Mind before Buying CBD Oil 

1. Zero-tolerance policy to THC and other bio-pollutants

THC and CBD both are found in the Hemp plant extract. It is recommended that the concentration of THC must be equal to or less than 0.3 percent. If removal of Thc was possible that would have been an ideal situation but, technically it impossible to remove THC entirely. CBD isolated from organic Hemp using appropriate isolation method will yield CBD oil with minimal concentrations of THC.

Hemp like many other plants can absorb all sorts of pollutants from soil, air, and water. Insecticides and pesticides are other things from which consumers should steer clear. It is hence safe to deduce that homegrown organic hemp is the best source for Such CBD oil. One such oil that checks all these boxes is CBD Pure. This brand has 0.3% of THC making it legal in all fifty states of The United States of America and the organic Hemp is grown domestically in Colorado.

2. The supplement must contain a full spectrum of CBD and Terpenes

CBD oil is a combination of a broad spectrum of oils extracted from industrial hemp. Full spectrum CBD oil has every cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. It means cannabidiol, cannabicyclol, tetrahydrocannabivarin, and cannbichromevinaric acid, etc. Terpenes are the compounds that provide aroma and flavor to the plant. Cannabis, in reality, contains nearly 500 therapeutic bioactive compounds which not only include cannabinoids and Terpenes but also include lesser-known compounds such as flavonoids, phenolic amides, and sterols. Technically a full spectrum Hemp extract holds nothing back and uses most of the plant to acquire the isolate. This oil is far more beneficial than merely CBD extract so when looking to but CBD oil it is advisable to go for a full spectrum CBD oil that isolated CBD oil. Nuleaf and Green Road both use the whole plant extract in their supplements.

3. Don’t let the low price tag beguile you

Obtaining CBD oil, right from sourcing the plant to extraction is an expensive process. If there are cheap products available, then they are bound to compromise on quality. They will lower concentration of CBD oil per unit volume. They may not have the entire spectrum of CBD oils and might even have far higher than the stipulated level of THC. The method of extraction and isolation of CBD oil also determines it’s quality, so it is essential to ascertain the type of extraction method used in the separation of CBD oil.

CO2 cannabis extraction – This is an expensive way to separate CBD oils but is the best way to do so. It is safer, cleaner and environmentally more responsible method. It is by far the best method of CBD oil extraction. It gives us a broad spectrum of Cannabinoids and terpenes.

Olive Oil extraction method – This is not as complicated as the CO2 method, and can be done at home. It is a safe method but is not commercially viable as it yields low quantities.

The Dry Ice extraction method – Dry Ice is also using CO2, but here the temperature and pressure at which CBD is extracted are different which affects the quality of CBD adversely. Dry Ice Method gives poor quality CBD.

The Solvent extraction method – Arguably the most harmful and dangerous, process as it uses harsh fossil fuel solvents like hexane and butane (lighter fluid) to extract the CBD. It is a toxic, unsafe and expensive method of extraction.

Green roads CBD oil uses CO2 method to extract their oil from quality organic hemp. They have low concentrations of THC and contains an entire spectrum of CBD oil with terpenes. The extraction process makes Green Roads CBD oil products one of the most effective in the market.

It is a universal rule you get what you pay for. Cheap CBD oil will not accord as many benefits to the user as its expensive counterpart. As a buyer one must always invest time in research that helps to build confidence in your purchase.

4. Consider the concentration of CBD oil

Another thing to keep mind while looking for CBD oil is to check the concentration of CBD oil. To cash in on the CBD oil rage sellers and vendor use methods to increase their profit margins. Watering down or diluting the CBD oil is one of the more straightforward techniques to achieve both the goals. The manufacturer might as well use state of the art technology to isolate great quality CBD oil, but then you might not get the recommended amount CBD oil per ounce volume. Consumers must take into account how much actual dosage of CBD oil they are getting. A high-quality product must have at least 250 mg of CBD oil per ounce or roughly 8 mg per ml. It can very well go up to 1000 mg depending on the product and its use. To know the actual concentration of CBD one has to pay attention to the level per ounce like if a 6-ounce bottle of CBD oil has 250 Mg CBD oil, then the consumer effectively gets only 41.6 mg of CBD oil per ounce. The six-ounce bottle is full of fluff, and thus it will limit the benefits that CBD oil gives. So it is essential to check the concentration of CBD oil, in the product you are looking to purchase.

Nuleaf High-Grade Hemp Extract has one of the highest levels of the full spectrum of CBD  oils. It contains 240 mg per flowing ounce. The manufacturers isolate CBD oil from organic hemp using the superior CO2 method. Nuleaf has about 0.3 percent of THC. It is in the approved levels of THC and is still too low to give a high or form a dependency on it.

Green Road starts at 7mg/ml and goes up to 50 mg/ ml. It is always beneficial to consult a certified medical practitioner to decide on the dosage. A lower dose is a safe way to begin.

CBD Pure also has various doses available starting at 3.3 mg per ml.

Local vendors usually do not have a commercially viable system in place to get higher yields of the CBD oil, so it is quite likely that locally sourced CBD oil has comparatively lower concentrations of CBD. It does not mean that one cannot source CBD oil locally at all but a clear description on the label of the product is required.

5. Purity quotient of CBD oil

After ascertaining the spectrum, concentration it is essential to confirm the purity levels of CBD oil also. Like several plants, Hemp also soaks and stores all sorts of pollutants from the soil, air and, water. Like other plants, it is also susceptible to diseases, like fungus and various bacterias. It is imperative to have reliable third part tests to determine that the levels of these pollutants and contaminations present in the product.

CBD Pure has a certificate of analysis by SClabs posted on its website. The report contains detailed information on the concentration of cannabinoids THC. It also provides accurate measurements of terpenes, microorganisms, residual solvents, and pesticides in a thousand ml of sample. When a manufacturer supplies such a certification, it shows his confidence in the product. It eases the mind of buyers and is a solid proof of quality.

Other brands like Nuleaf also goes for third-party testing in Steep Hill Berkeley, California.

Determining the purity of CBD oil is very important. It is again an expensive process. Local vendors mostly lack funds to get such lab tests done regularly. It raises not only a question of the composition of the product but also the concentration of the various compounds in the product.

6. Accountability

Any business that is hard to reach and does not provide appropriate and correct answers is more likely to have an inferior quality product. The Internet also can provide a garb of ambiguity to quacks who are out there to make a quick buck at the consumer’s cost. Consumers must always reach out to the provided customer service number and ask for details that are not available on the website. If it is difficult to establish contact and get answers to one’s questions, it is a red signal. Most reputed sellers have a robust customer service cell in place.

Nuleaf, Green Roads, and CBD pure all have listed there contact details on their website. All of them give prompt and satisfying responses to one’s questions without enhancing their claims to the size of the Mount Everest. They also provide no question asked 90-day money back guarantee. Unless one is sure about their product, they cannot offer such guarantees.  All this transparency adds to the reliability of these brands. It is not to say that these are the only good brands, but they do pass the acid test consistently. Accountability is one thing that is hard to find locally. Mostly these home based isolation plants don’t have a permanent address. They are also under the scanner of the state and one would not even know when the government machinery would just pull them down. Products available in-stores also may or may not have such accountability.

7. Tall Claims

Food and Drug Administration DSHEA guidelines prohibit manufacturers from making medical claims about the efficiency or results of CBD products in the course of treatment of any medical condition or symptom. No doubt that the preliminary researches are promising and it appears that CBD oil will help people remarkably, yet legitimate CBD companies will never make any direct medical claim. Breaking rules is a habit if one can break such a critical guideline then they will undoubtedly be more prone to breaking more rules and standards.

CBD Pure website mentions that they do not have approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

8. Transparency

It is essential to determine if the vendor whether online or locally is upfront and straightforward about their product. An ambiguous website with no clear information about anything is a red flag. Similarly, a local vendor who does not have transparency in their dealings have higher chances of having unethical ways of procuring their product.

9. Having not so great expectations.

As a consumer who is bogged down by a myriad of ailments and pains, it is very natural that they get carried away in this CBD oil wave and build expectations and hopes which are not genuine. CBD has shown remarkable results in many instances, yet science is not conclusive about it. The words that are used in reference CBD oil are it helps; it may improve, etc. It cannot have the same effect on two individuals. The results will always vary. Extreme excitement and urgency lead to hasty decisions. Such decisions rarely yield desired results. Research and taking appropriate caution is significant when one is starting a new regimen of drugs and supplements. Even if one is a seasoned user of CBD oil, it is very easy to become complacent with one’s health. It is intelligent to keep experimenting with the dosage of CBD oil. In short, expect improvement but not a miracle.

To sum up, the points one should before buying CBD from any point of sale.

  • It should be extracted from organically grown industrial grade Hemp, which is not the same thing as marijuana though similar.
  • The CO2 method of extraction is the safest and yields excellent quality CBD oil.
  • Higher concentrations of CBD per ML or ounce
  • Preferably manufactured in the United States
  • Tested in third-party labs
  • The company is following rules/laws
  • Made from high-quality, full-spectrum extract, so other beneficial compounds are present

It is the above reasons that contribute to the cost of productions, but it is these very reasons that assure quality also.

There are many CBD Oils available in the market online, and offline both, but very few pass all the parameters mentioned above. CBD Pure is one of those. With its 90 Day money back guarantee it is worth a try.

Nuleaf CBD oil is another brand that satisfies all the parameters and may also be available in your local stores. It again comes with a solid guarantee, with an added possibility of in-store availability; it allows the consumer to try it offline before going for an online purchase.

Green Road is a brand that also checks all the boxes associated with CBD oil purchase.

It is always more frugal to buy greater quantity in one go. It helps save quite a lot.

While these are some of the best available CBD oils yet one must exercise caution while ingesting something. Proper medical supervision during the regimen is always advisable.

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