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Best CBD Oil for Diabetes: Type 1 & 2

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in Cannabis plant.  According to the scientists, this compound can be used to treat Diabetes.  Dr. Raphael Mechoulam, a researcher at the Hebrew University who is also known for finding CBD (cannabidiol), experimented with CBD receptors in other physical tissues.

The study shows that the CBD therapeutic effects a non-psychoactive compound can be adjusted to fit various receptors. Different diseases like atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, and Diabetes could be treated with the CBD.

Recently, a study was performed on the dead tissue parts of the rats because of not getting enough blood supply to those parts. When infracts are treated with CBD, the results shows that infracts becomes 30 percent smaller.

Constant inflammation is the main portion in the resistance of insulin that causes type-2 diabetes. The scientists consider that the CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties could treat this inflammation problem and also improve the metabolism in the body. Also, the CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties benefit the immune system, sugar metabolism, cell growth, and heart function.

ISA Scientific Company in Israel signed a global collaboration & licensing deal recently to start therapies with CBD compound.   Mark J. Rosenfeld an ISA Scientific Chief Executive Officer said that the licensing deal is timely because their phase one clinical trial on safety dosing is now available in Israel, and deal for Phase 2 trials on treating chronic pain and diabetes are in process.

Rosenfeld also said that unlike insulin and other medicines for diabetes, CBD can reverse, suppress and may cure the disease in some individuals.

Are there side effects?

The best thing about CBD is that there are no known or major side effects, says Rosenfield. Also, the regular dosage of CBD will not affect diabetes patients in doing their everyday activities like driving, work, or exercise.

You can find marijuana-based CBD and hemp-based CBD, hemp is a plant that does not contain any psychoactive and non-potential properties. The recent studies show that the CBD can help prevent the beginning stages of diabetes. Also, it is shown to avoid or cope with some of the obligations that arise out of diabetes.  The Best CBD oil helps you prevent and cure diabetes is by taking tincture every day orally. You just need to put a few drops under your tongue, every day, and soon you will see a big difference.

Diabetes Conservative Non-CBD Treatment Methods:

Both type-1 and type-2 diabetes consists of the condition that makes the body cells incapable of absorbing glucose, this, in turn, makes the glucose grow to extremely high levels, which is a very dangerous situation to be in. This comes along with some symptoms that can be life-threatening, such as:

  • Nervous system Damage
  • Heart vessel and Blood Vessel Disease
  • Kidney Diseases
  • Strokes
  • EyeSight Problems

If the levels of glucose are still high, diabetes tends to effect to all parts of the human body. Along with medication that has come far with respect to diabetes, if the person who is diagnosed with diabetes is able to keep a track of their sugar levels, and have regular exercise and maintain fitness, then leading a normal and healthy lifestyle is highly probable

Type-1 diabetics are incapable of producing insulin for their body and hence are required to get it pumped either via self-administered shots or an automatic pump that monitors the insulin levels required.

Although these treatments are top class, their efficiency is not always guaranteed, and even a diabetic who has everything in check is still susceptible to the effects of irregular and unexpected shifts in the glucose level

What goes without mentioning quite so often is that the treatments discussed, like insulin shots and pumps, are extremely expensive for the regular to civilian to even consider, which is why the first option that is most often followed through, is to prick a needle on to the fingers to monitor the glucose levels.

When it comes to type-2 diabetes, patients affected by it do not have to take insulin pumps shots, a pharmaceutical drugs like Avandia, etc, which help in regulating the sugar levels

But, it is a widely known fact that these medicines have side effects which can turn out to be quite severe, which in turn causes an even more severe bill to pay.

This is why thousands of diabetics in recent years have been more than willing to try alternative treatment options like CBD oil. Even though it can substitute one of their prescription medications, it is usually more than worth it.

CBD Oil for Diabetes: What the Research has shown

Like said earlier, in the world of medicine, anecdotal evidence can only go so far. So apart from the fact that many diabetic patients use CBD oil every single day to control their diabetics, a lot of doctors will be cautious to suggest it as a treatment except they can point to the precise physiological reasons as to why CBD oil is useful.

Fortunately, CBD oil has a potential advantage for nervous disorder and cancer, CBD oil for diabetes has also most carefully researched parts of therapeutic cannabis.

The main affected organ of the human body by diabetes is The Pancreas. CB-1 receptors are found predominantly in the pancreas, which is where the insulin is produced. The stimulation of the receptors in the pancreatic cells is directly linked to the production of insulin.

However, the earlier CBD studies for diabetes have offered some promising results that made Dr. Joseph Alpert of American Journal to call on the NIH (National Institute of Health) for enhanced collaboration and funding on its constant research.  Also, the NORML (National Organization for the Reform o Marijuana Laws) suggests that the endocannabinoids may be the vital physiological system involved in maintaining and establishing human health, which depends on their mail role in changing homeostasis that is the ability to sustain normalizing working conditions regardless of harmful stimuli.

CBD for Diabetes: How it can Help Treat Basic Medical Conditions:

The research on CBD proves its role in the production of insulin and its ability to help treat and avoid basic medical conditions related to diabetes. The most important factors related to the increase of insulin resistance in type-2 diabetes is continuous inflammation connected to obesity. The presence of excessive fatty tissue in obese and Type-2 diabetics significantly limits the effectiveness of glucose metabolism causes high levels of sugar increases in the bloodstream.  Certain anti-inflammatory, however, the properties of CBD have been known to combat glucose directly fight glucose metabolic confusion and enhances overall metabolism.

Nerve damage is also a critical health condition related to diabetes.  In most cases, diabetes limits the sensation in their edges, and sometimes it is severe like amputations of the leg. It is due to insufficient blood flow and gradually then it causes breakdown of tissue and also increases the risk of infection. But, with the usage of CBD, the infarcts that occur due to lack of blood flow can reduce up to 30 percent.  Similarly, there are several other reports have shown the great role of CBD in the treatment of diabetes, also the studies shown the effect of CBD on cardiovascular dysfunction and retinopathy.

To put it in short, the therapeutic benefits and medical potential of CBD oil for diabetes that is the best solution, which is used by many diabetics currently, as it helps diabetic patients to improve their quality of life, and in the future thousands more will agree with this products because of its enhanced performance and also will be known to more with the enhanced information.

It is important to understand that CBD oil is not to put in high like other medications like marijuana. The CBD contains a slight trace of THC, but, and you can also find no trace of THC product as well.

Globally, 8.5 percent of the population is suffering from diabetes. It is a permanent condition that can only be controlled through proper diet, medication, exercise, and lifestyle.  With proper supervision, the diabetic people can lead long and healthy lives without any health conditions and complications. But, those people who do not have proper control, it can cause severe damage to the body and also causes several complications. It also causes serious conditions like blindness, amputation, illness, and fatal heart diseases. According to the scientists, taking CBD oil to treat diabetes is thrilling as it could offer an easier and effective way of healthy living with the health condition.

It is easy to judge or tell from the outside, but taking proper control of the diabetes is not that easy at all. The individuals who are suffering from diabetes have to make a major life changes that include a lot of attention, discipline, it is necessary because it can lead to panic and anxiety and can cause other severe health conditions. Teenagers and Children who suffer from diabetes do not know the actual consequences of eating recklessly and not following a healthy lifestyle.

Also, people who are not having enough money to carry out their household expenses or people in the poor countries do not have the comfort of choosing healthy eating options. Also, many people do not have enough time to participate in physical activity on a daily basis.

Diabetes: Type 1 & Type 2

Before you learn how the CBD can help diabetic people, first learn about the two types of diabetes.

Type -1: Only 5 percent of people suffer from diabetes globally. It generally occurs during childhood, and it occurs due to less production of insulin, which destroys the cells by the immune system of the body.

Type-2: It usually occurs in adulthood and it can be prevented by healthy lifestyle and diet. Type-2 diabetes is occurred b the inability of the body to use insulin in a proper way, and it is also called as insulin resistance.

Insulin is very important for the cells as it absorbs glucose, and without glucose, the cells cannot produce energy.

Diabetes & CBD oil:

CBD oil may work two ways in treating diabetes.  The evidence shows that the CBD oil can help you prevent diabetes in the first place. Also, it can treat individuals suffering from diabetes; it helps them improve their overall health and helps you prevent common complications.

Some of the most emotional substantiation that CBD and other cannabis may prevent diabetes is shown in the reports that it lowers diabetes in the users of marijuana. Though it is not an essential point to CBD and association does not involve a connection. But, the tests conducted on mice and rats, CBD was found to stop the beginning of diabetes. The individuals who are diagnosed as pre-diabetic are suggested to use CBD to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The treatment and prevention of complication related to diabetes, the study proves that CBD has created significant results.  The individual suffering from diabetic retinopathy, which causes blindness and it is difficult to treat. The retinopathy can be treated with CBD.  The diabetic retinopathy occurs due to inflammation, and the CBD can help as it contains a large range of anti-inflammatory properties.

Who should use CBD for diabetes?

The studies show that the CBD oil can be used to prevent pre-diabetics, diabetes, and the individuals who are on the borderline of getting the condition should use it frequently.

Usage of CBD can help people suffering from diabetes to maintain good health and balanced lifestyle and also it helps to prevent complications from diabetes and treating pain.

Ranking the Best CBD Products for Diabetes:

When the individual is diagnosed with diabetes, then suddenly he/she will become sad, and start thinking several things or they may not consider it serious, both are the extremes. The best way is to take control of your diabetes before it takes control of you.  Type-1 diabetes is a kind that does not produce insulin, and may not be curable, but you can maintain a healthy life if you are able to change your lifestyle and eating habits. With the regular exercises and proper diet can help you maintain type-1diabetes properly. When you add CBD to your diet and exercises, then it can give best results. CBD is outstanding supplements that can be used in the treatment of diabetes as the endocannabinoid compounds in CBD reduces pain, improve your mood, increase blood circulation and enhances mobility.

You may get diabetes; you may experience constant inflammation, a rare case of inflammation, struggle to carry out your daily routine and several other related conditions.  CBD is the best product that can help the individual to come out of the trap of diabetes.  There are several types of CBD product that can help improve the condition, the byproducts that can be put under the tongue or inhaled into the lungs. Here you can find a range of products that can help you relief from certain symptoms.

Finding the best CBD oil for diabetes can help you take care of your diabetes. The hemp-based CBD offers a range of pure CBD oil products and therapeutic dosages.  Investigating each CBD oil brand is vital as the industry is not managed by the FDA. To help you find the best CBD oil for depression, you can find the ranked the best ten best choices on the market.

A Range of Products Score (1/5):

  • Score for the Experienced Dosage is the utmost dosage accessible in this product brand.
  • Score for the beginner is the lowest dosage accessible in this product brand.
  • Score for the Delivery method is the number of DDM (Distinct Delivery Methods) of CBD oil products.

Variant Cannabinoid Score (1/5):

  • The cannabinoids range documented in the product’s brand, which gets through various extraction methods or distillation methods using the pure hemp plant.

Product Purity Score (1/5):

  • A Measure of extraction method whether a product’s brand is certified organic, and testing the quality control, engaged by each brand.

Sourcing Score (1/5):

The hemp source is measured from the location as it discloses to greater cannabinoid density and environmental toxins.  Also, the number of chemicals used in the hemp production.

Health Issue-Specific Factors (1/5)

The different delivery methods of the brand that is suitable for helping the medical problems.  The CBD oil for depression, then, choose Vaping as it offers the quickest treatment, while oral drops are normally proffered by those individuals who do not like vape.

The brand’s range of extra vitamins, herbs, carrier devices, and minerals that help you prevent medical conditions. There are several herbs that are taken as antidepressant supplements, also, some of the oral tinctures and organic teas contain blood-controlling spices like turmeric and ginger to help get back your health on track.

The Best CBD Oil for Diabetes: Prevalent Research

When people talk about the medicinal marijuana, generally most people will start thinking that the active ingredient in the product is THC.

Diabetes is one of the common diseases globally. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 8 percent of the adult population around the world suffer from diabetes.  However, this condition can be prevented by eating a healthy diet and maintaining a good physical activity, but some people still suffer from the condition even if they maintain good health habits.

That is why many people today considering CBD oils, as it is a more effective method that is used to treat diabetes. It is also important to know how to find the best CBD oil for your health condition as there are various brands of CBD oil available in the market.

How to Find the Best CBD Oil for diabetes?

It is difficult to find the best CBD oil for your health conditions and also it can be very expensive. You may face various issues when you are trying to find best CBD oil that works for you, including:

  • Tinctures are expensive
  • The differences between some standard oils can be comparatively minor
  • Trial and Error
  • Local stores may not carry enough variety

The most standard method that you can use to find the perfect CBD oil is just by trying different varieties so that you can find which one is working best for your needs.  This method might have been used by several diabetes patients to find the perfect CBD oil for them; however, it is not a precisely efficient method.

The main problem with trial and error is that the buying different oils can be costly.  Even if you choose the small bottle of CBD oil, but, still you will end up spending a lot of money while looking

Where to Get Your CBD Oil?

You can find various brands of CBD oil over the counter in medical stores, pharmacies, and also you can buy them online.  Choosing the best sources of CBD oil can help you take care of your health and choosing the right company is important as well as the company value the quality customer service, delivery, reliable, and carry a large range of products.


Diabetes is one of the widespread diseases and globally many people are suffering from this disease.   That is why it is more important now to find the preventive sources like CBD oils. The CBD oil is gaining importance as has many good qualities that can help the individual to take control of their blood-glucose levels.

The fundamental factor in diabetes is the dysfunction of insulin, and cannabinoid receptors has been found in the pancreas cells that produce insulin. Interestingly, the commencement of CB1 receptors have been earlier associated with insulin production. This guide can help understand how to take care of diabetes and how you can help manage the disease using the best CBD oil.

Diabetes is a disease that does not discriminate, as people of any age, gender and race are suffering from this unforgiving disease. The impact of diabetes in the world is alarming, particularly when you see that the number of new patients range is rising. The CBD oil is one of the best solutions, so don’t wait any longer, order now and take control of your diabetes.


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