We are a team here at cbdforsure.com with the objective of educating people in the field of health.

Our team is headed by Donna who has been working in the field of mental health since years. Born and brought up in Florida, Donna is charismatic and altruistic about people needing help. As an experienced professional, she conducts various researches and earns a living through freelance journalism.

Donna was diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and chronic anxiety disorder at a young age. She had since been on the lookout for something that really delivers on its promise of helping with his anxiety attacks and depression bouts. Trying out CBD had changed her life in an enormously positive way.

She now goes place to place to gather first hand opinion of people who have benefited by the use of CBD. She also aims to educate others on the subject of CBD along with guiding them on having a positive approach towards life and improving mental health through her blog.

The team members include her sister, Carol, a medical professional and people who have been relentlessly working to make life better.

CBD Oil has been recently in trend after several researches conducted by reputed universities and medical bodies proved the positive effects of the treatment. Now, we take it as our responsibility to ensure everyone gets the correct information regarding their health under this new form of treatment.

The views presented in the blog are part of personal experiences or people we have worked closely worked with. And we will continue our research in this field until the full potential of CBD and related products are realized.

We will whole-heatedly try to provide the best information possible with the resources available to us. It is an evolving field and we expect changes every now and then. Stay tuned for all the info.

In case of any queries feel free to contact us.