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5 Best CBD Oil for Sleep and Insomnia

Given the fast-paced lives that most of us lead and the multiple issues that haunt our minds, it is likely that stress occupies a major part of us with nothing that can help us get out of it. Multiple rounds to the doctor and the endless consumption of pills does no good other than sedating us.

Lack of sleep is desolating people from being normal and maintaining a disciplined lifestyle. We’re living in a quick paced era when a lot of responsibilities come crashing on our shoulders. Such non-systematic living influence our sleep patterns and the consistent inability to sleep well and peacefully leads to health issues as that of insomnia which isn’t something that can be ignored.

It is said that cannabis is known to help people get back to normal and get rid of insomnia and but little do people know about the which extract of the plant actually helps in therapeutic causes? With multiple extracts of the plant, CBD is what helps manufacturers to extract oils and that is known to have the power of healing.

CBD hemp oil is something that multiple manufacturers come up with but it is often the best brands that you need to choose for yourself which would come up with results and not something that simply goes with an attractive label with no results as such.

Before we move on to help you with the 5 best hemp oils that you should lay your hands on, here is a quick discourse on what actually is sleep disorder and the reasons behind it.

What leads to improper sleep?    

Just as food is something important for our body which gives us the energy to survive, sleep is something that is equally important. The body is a machine that needs rest for it to get rejuvenated for the next day and sleep helps it take ample rest and replenish. A good sleep helps in developing immunity and initiates better function of the brain rather than putting in excessive stress on it.

When you deprive the body of sleep, you tend to take away the discipline that each body follows. You are likely to witness problems such as lack of concentration, dizziness, mood swings and sometimes headaches. No amount of medication helps in bringing back things to normal unless you get a good sleep.

When sleep deprivation becomes a common thing, it turns to insomnia and that is when people tend to get depressed and eventually witness serious issues with their body and mind.

How is CBD oil better than prescription medicines?

When people talk about cannabis, all that one can think of is id burning of weed and getting a high whil making them euphoric in no time. There is this other side of Cannabis as well where the hemp is known to undergo extraction processes and there is oil in its purest form extracted. These oils are edible as well as used to create food products, chewing gums, etc.

While prescription medicines are known to simple cover up for the insomnia and not target the reasons behind it, CBD oil is known to perform the same tasks but target the reasons why one is insomniac in the first place. While medicines are known to make you immune to it, CBD oil is known to help you recover at the soonest while not having to continue its consumption for as long as you live.

The good effects of CBD on sleep

CBD oils are known to target the immune and nervous system while ensuring that al the reasons behind insomnia are detected and healed while giving you the pleasure of having a sound sleep at night. When you consume CBD oil to prevent insomnia and the ill-effects associated with it, you are likely to witness a good feeling for yourself while making you feel relieved and peppy especially when you are energetic to go for the day. Being sleep deprived does no good to you. You cannot concentrate on your work or probably any other chore.

This is what CBD oil does to the body when consumed and let you sleep well.

  • There is a boost of serotonin activity which causes reduced anxiety to the brain
  • You get to stay alert during the day and not feel dizzy or sleep while balancing the right time to sleep
  • If you are in pain, CBD can help in making you sleep in peace
  • It helps in calming people who suffer from complicated neurological conditions.

Facts on CBD Oil and its positive effects

  • The CBD content in the hemp is known to give a person the right sleep patterns where they have a specific time to sleep and wake up and not stay awake when it is time to sleep and vice-versa.
  • A study showed that CBD oil cannot just tackle insomnia and its aspects but also can treat anxiety and stress from the roots.
  • When you consume CBD oils, the dopamine levels in the blood is triggered, and that is what gives you a peaceful sleep without having to get out of bed multiple times at night.

The 5 best CBD oils for sleep and Insomnia that you can purchase

When it comes to making the right choice of CBD oils for yourself or probably anyone who is suffering from sleep disorders, it is something that needs careful decisions. While everything may look great and trendy, it isn’t so when it comes to consuming it.

While several manufacturers intend to run the rat race, there are only a few who are the best given the manufacturing process as well as the effectiveness of the product that they manufacture.

1. PureKana CBD Oil


This is a brand that has its base in Los Angeles and is known to produce CBD oil that serves around 50 states in the US. When you pick their oils, you can rest assured that you have made the right choice. While they are known to bring in organically grown hemp for their manufacturing process, they are known to make use of the CO2 extraction process where they are known to only bring out CBD oil in its purest form that can be consumed and have the best results. They are known to beat of 3rd party lab test results and ensure that their customers are satisfied. With values that prevent them from compromising, they intend to serve people with nothing but the best oils. They have oils in potencies of 300,600 and 1000 mg.

2. CBD Pure hemp Extract

When it comes to looking out for CBD oils that are in its purest form, this is a brand to look out for. They are manufacturers that own the best machinery that is known for CO2 extraction while ensuring that only the right oil is extracted with no possible mixture. They too have nothing to hide when it comes to flaunting 3rd party lab test results where they readily serve customers with explanations and ensure that the oil is the best for them to purchase. Their oil extraction technique is cold-pressed just like the method used to extract oil from olives and don’t go through any form of refinement.  While they flaunt the best for their customers, their price may seem more than the rest but is something that is worth a purchase.

3. Elixinol CBD oil

While being in the rat race for several years altogether, it is one of those brands that everyone is aware of. You ask someone about CBD oil, and the first name would be of Elixinol. The reason behind this demand is the years of experience they have as well as the multiple products that they deal with. Apart from oil, you can purchase topicals, capsules, edibles and a lot more. They too are known to make use of organically grown hemp and use the CO2 extraction process where only the purest oils are brought out. While being there for 30 years and doing the same thing over and over again, there is no one who can beat them when it comes to the extraction process that is done to perfection.  This is one of those brands who is known to sell oils that are flavoured as well while giving about a wide variety to the buyers to choose from.

4. Green Roads CBD Oil


Since CBD oils are consumed to treat multiple reasons, a study has shown that the oils that Green Roads manufacture are known to be perfect for anxiety. Apart from oils, they are known to help out with edibles, gums, daily doses and topicals which is known to be of great help to people. Being of a good repute, Green Roads has come a long way into manufacturing CBD oils to extract oil and use it to treat multiple health issues. They too are very open about all that they do to bring the best results in the oils that they manufacture. Right from ensuring that they use organic hemp to avoiding the use of chemicals in their manufacturing process, they say it all. If anyone doesn’t have much of an idea about what CBD hemp oil is and how it needs to be consumed or probably what are the good effects of its use, you get to know it all as Green Roads is known to explain all of it in detail. This is something that brings in many customers who are known to trust them for their products and come back over and over again. Some say that their oils are overtly expensive, but that doesn’t make much of a difference when you receive the best for yourself and witness positive results while getting rid of Insomnia.

5. CBD Essence

If you are looking for a CBD oil brand that not just targets insomnia but also chronic pain, this is what you should lay your hands on. While being one of the best brands that help in treating pains apart from sleep disorders, this is what you should pick. This too is a manufacturer who ensures that they use CO2 extraction process while coming up with concentrated oils for use. Their oils come in varied potencies which can be made use of depending on the level of problem one is facing. With potencies of 150mg, 300mg and 400mg, it is something that can treat the base level of sleep disorders as well as chronic pain. It gets to sedate you in a good way while giving you peaceful nights at a stretch.

When buying CBD oil, what to look for?

While there are multiple manufacturers of CBD oil in the market and each one of them come up with attractive names and labels that allow people to get lured to it. Even though all of them look convincing, it is essential to look out for reputation first and then follow a few tips that could help you obtain the best ones. Each bottle looks alluring, but when it comes to making a choice, there is the need to make a pick on the right one while looking at the label and reading specifications.

Look for its source

Whenever you hold the bottle and check its specifications, it is essential for you to check the label for the place from where the hemp is sourced from. It should be organic with the best quality hemp used to extract the oil. You could check whether the hemp is locally obtained from or from Denmark that is known to cultivate the plant extensively. When it comes to manufacturers who intend to hold a good reputation for themselves, it is often seen that they are known to be very specific about the quality of hemp that they make use of to extract oils. The better the hemp quality, the better would be the oil and its concentration.

Do they undergo lab tests?

It is essential for all CBD oils to undergo lab tests which would determine whether the oil is fit for consumption or doesn’t it give that high when consumed. Passing lab tests is what makes it fit for consumption with no possible side effects to its name. Manufacturers who are serious with their business are known to help their customers with details of the tests as well as what the test results mean. When you explain things to the public in general in the simplest terms, there is more trust gathered.

What is their extraction method?

When the manufacturers extract oil from the hemp, they are known to make use of CO2 extraction process where everything else apart from the oil is removed, and it comes out in its purest form. All of this soul be mentioned on the label while also clarifying it from their website gives you a better idea on whom to trust. Since not all manufacturers have mastered the art of extracting the oil through the CO2 method, there are not many options to scrutinize.

The price tag

When you pay a visit to the stores to purchase CBD oil for yourself, do not get lured by those who promise the best yet charge less for it. The better the quality of the oil, the higher would be the price. In most cases, buying cheap oils leads to having to buy over and over again or probably not receive any benefit from it at all. Check and compare prices well while also reading about the manufacturing process on the labels.

The quantity that they promise

Whenever you purchase a bottle of the CBD oil, it is essential that you check the quantity that they promise. Everyone has a fair idea of how much a particular quantity can be and so there is the need to ensure that you receive the right amount and not be duped. Manufacturers with a good reputation as well as those who intend to have a good name for themselves wouldn’t dupe people and would offer the right stuff.

What is the dosage that is required to treat insomnia?

It is often advisable to get help from the doctors when it comes to treating insomnia with the help of CBD hemp oil. It is something that needs to be checked well by the experts as it often depends on the level of problem one is facing. It could be just at the first stage or probably at a more complex stage; there is the need to ensure that there is the right guidance.

For the initial stage of the problem, a dosage of 20-25 mg is perfect to make the patient better, but for those who are at a later stage and have been suffering since years altogether, there is the need for high doses as that of 16mg to 600 mg. This is known to act as a sleep-inducing sedative which allows a person to sleep without having control over their actions. This is something that needs serious attention from the doctors where they intend to know the reasons behind such graveness and the other symptoms that follow while being an insomniac.

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